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Reforma translates into "reshape" and was born from the idea that every space can be changed or reshaped to meet (and exceed) our client's wants and needs. We believe interiors should evoke a positive emotional response, and as many architects have said, we should aim for more than just a basic structure, we should build an environment that creates a better way of living. Our company aims to do just that, transform spaces that provide a vessel to a better life.  

Niraya saw the need for an affordable, one-stop-design-shop in Miami, where she could give everyday clients the elevated experience of a team of professionals working together from beginning to end.  

"We want to break the myth that design is a luxury, it CAN be affordable, and living and working in a well designed space goes beyond aesthetics, and into better quality of life. We truly believe that transforming your space can and will transform your life." - ReForma 




As a child in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Niraya would spend hours imagining new configurations for the floor plan brochures in her mother's real estate office. Still today, she is passionate about reimagining and rearranging spaces to give them new life.  She is the first architect in her family but gives her mom full credit for igniting the love of design in her.

Not long after finishing her Masters in Architecture at the Pratt Institute in NYC, Niraya discovered her passion for interiors. With more than 10 years of experience, six of those in high-end interior design firms in Miami, she founded Reforma to expand and reach a larger market. Niraya believes a practical and well design space is available for every budget. She has a true zest for construction, especially renovations, where she can transform a space to reach its maximum potential. Niraya is detail oriented, hand-on, and loves every stage of renovation, from the drawing board to managing the construction site.

Design has been a constant in Niraya's life. She began painting at the age of 12, a practice she maintains till today. She is married to a civil engineer- making home projects interesting to say the least! When she is not working, she is traveling the world in search of inspiration and treasures. She has also worked with non-profit organizations in Brazil building safe and sustainable housing with a particular focus on urban planning and green construction. As Reforma's Principle Designer, Niraya loves to design spaces that mix high and low elements friendly for any budget. 

Niraya speaks fluent Spanish, English, and Portuguese

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